During a client evaluation, we will note the user's needs and the Permobil is ordered and manufactured to the client's measurements and with any extra necessary equipment. Nothing is impossible to our personnel a customized chair may be equipped with armrests, backrest and footrest according to any special measurements, adjustable height and seat, a seatlift elevator or a respiratory shelf for example. The requirements could be as complicated as a special adopted vertical standing chair or something as basic as a cup holder. Nothing is too grand or too small, anything to make the Permobil as functional and comfortable as possible for the user. The customization also makes the chair easier on your body and makes sure each and every user can find a way of traveling comfortably. Many of our users have given us their testimonies of how their chairs "a part of their personality". We all want to look our best, we are there for proud to offer spray painted shrouds in desired color or with spectacular patterns and pictures. Available features may however differ depending on the agreement in your state or country.

Being the manufacturer with the best reputation, highest knowledge and the best trained personnel in this business when it comes to customizing high-end products and to satisfy it user's specific needs is something we take great pride in. Permobil also has the advantage of established high qualified workshops in several markets with no need to outsource this service to a third party supplier. This gives us an important closeness to our users, customers and dealers.

Driven by customer satisfaction and continuous improvements we will consistently deliver highly reliable and safe products on time utilizing appropriate processes, dedication, and teamwork.

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