Unlimited control
R-net, our most advanced control system, in combination with Intelligent Control System (ICS) raises driving performance, safety and coordination of functions to a whole new dimension. From the start R-net/ICS has been designed to control and monitor a variety of functions and information. The system has wide expansion capability and almost unlimited potential. R-net/ICS uses advanced technology to link the user's needs and intentions with the chair's performance and capabilities. All electrical seat functions can be coordinated with the chair's driving characteristics and programmed to suit individual needs.

High resolution graphics and large screen icons ensure ease of use and availability. Driving and controlling the chair and its functions are now even simpler and more natural. R-net/ICS is also the safest and most reliable control system we have developed. Naturally it can be adapted to suit all forms of advanced disability aids.

• High expandability and capacity for handling advanced multiple functions
• Improved driving precision
• Clear display with high-resolution graphics
• Large, clear screen icons
• Extensive programmability for adaptation and integration of electrical functions, memory modes, favourite positions etc.
• Facility for numerous advanced combinations of seat functions and mobility
• Useable on all new Permobil models

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