Simplicity by design


The Unitrack system from Permobil combines a number of modular elements which together offer you a made- to-measure fit for optimal body support. Simply select the right support and the appropriate adjustable joint and fit them where required. The system is infinitely adaptable and adjustable. Only a half-turn of the rapid release handle is needed to remove the support. There are no protrusions on the handle so it will not catch on anything. The Unitrack system is exclusively designed for the Corpus seating system.

Features & Specs

  • unitrack-cushions

    Support cushions

    Support cushions are available in many shapes and styles, with breathable upholstery for extra comfort. Depending on your requirements, the supports are interchangeable and can be used as thigh support cushions or calf support cushions.
  • unitrack-adjustable-joints

    Adjustable joints

    These can be used to rotate the supports and lock them in the right place. Adjustments are graduated so as to allow an endless variety of settings.
  • unitrack-artificial-leg-support

    Artificial leg support

    For support of an artificial leg. Easy to adjust height, depth, angle and width. Simple to remove - just a half-turn on the handle.
  • unitrack-lateral-support

    Lateral supports

    For lateral support of the trunk. Easy to adjust height, depth and width. Also easy to rotate away to either side.
  • unitrack-calf-supports

    Calf supports

    The calf supports can be rotated 360° using rails. Height, depth, width and angle are also adjustable.

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